HIP Travel for Women

“”Well Being Small Group Travel for Women who are HIP

H – Health Conscious
I – Intellectually Curious
P – Prefer Pampering or need a little.

We plan short and long journeys that incorporate unique experiences with a twist of luxury, and a focus on food, wine, art, and wellness.

I hear from women (almost every single day) how they would love to travel, but they do not because…

  • their spouse does not want to travel,
  • they do not want a roommate, but also do not want to travel alone,
  • they do not feel secure traveling to a foreign country alone,
  • they can never get their friends to travel at the same time,
  • they are looking for like-minded women to travel with,
  • they do not know where to begin planning their trip,
  • they want to feel safe and travel with someone they can trust

This is a travel group created for HIP women. You are busy managing a business, climbing the corporate ladder, active retired professional or taking care of a loved one, but who is taking care of you? We are women from all cultural backgrounds coming together to share, learn, and most importantly to have fun as we explore the world.

At the end of the day you are busy and do not always make time for yourself. You want to meet women who are like-minded and enjoy some of the same things as you. You want to be well-taken care of when you travel as it does not happen as often as you would like. This is where Pampered Journeys fits in. We want to help you take time for you. You are health conscious, intellectually curious, prefer pampering or need a little. You are HIP!, and definitely have “Pampitude” It is your time to take care of you!

Pampered Journeys, creating unique and memorable special events for affluent travelers who want to experience different Luxury Customized Cultural Travel experiences through Food, Wine, Wellness, Art and more. 


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