My Favorite Destination For Food/Wine and Art Lovers


Bordeaux is a beautiful city flanked with a fantastic coastline. It was built on the banks of the Garonne River. The city is one of the fastest growing in France. For a long time, it was a city that was overlooked and has now has become one of the hottest areas in the country. It is a mini Paris, more laid back but with an interesting energy of its own. Bordeaux has more of a Bohemian feel similar to some of the trendy areas that have popped up in NYC. It is a combination of old world and techie millennials. The Bordeaux campus is the largest in France. This university has approximately 60,000 students. The city is known first and foremost for its wine. There are vineyards everywhere. Bordeaux is the 2nd largest wine producing area in the world. There is great food, wine, and shopping, oh and did I mention the desserts. The amount of condo’s going up is mind-boggling. People are attracted to the area because it is less expensive than its imposing sister to the north.

The best way to get around the city is walking. There are also a number of trams that will take you through the city. Due to the congestion in the city traveling by car is not suggested.

If you like art there are a number of art museums to visit. Check out Musee Des Beaux Arts and Musee D’ Aquitaine. Bordeaux is a city to casually savor, not rush through to check off items. The latest addition is the new wine museum shaped like a wine glass. This is a must see. It’s more of the cultural experience around wine.

There several tours to take you wine tasting or wine pairing. Take a stroll down Sainte- Catherine in the Pedestrian Center. Enjoy a glass of wine at a café and people watch. This is also a great area to explore a river cruise. River cruising is becoming one of the hottest ways to experience Europe. Instead of being cooped up on a bus for long hours you can relax sip wine eat great food and enjoy the scenery.

The age for river cruising continues to go down. They have added biking and hiking which skews to a younger crowd. There is also river cruising not geared towards wine that works well for families with young children. These are generally available in the summer or Christmas break when most children are out of school. What a great way to have a multigenerational travel experience.

If you are looking for a cool city with great food, wine art and shopping you must check out Bordeaux.
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